Conference Halls

A wide range of facilities and options are available including the possibility of independent simultaneous conferences, large exhibition areas, auxiliary offices and storage space. We believe at GHotels, that interaction and social elements are paramount to the productive elements of a conference and have the ability to facilitate and schedule such events such as gala dinners, coffee breaks and full on entertainment evenings to guarantee all round satisfaction and success.

Meeting Room specifications

Telemachus I: 310m2, height 3,20m, 220 persons (theatre), 120 persons (classroom), 45 persons (U shape), 80 persons (banquet) and 150 persons (cocktail).

Telemachus II: 115m2, height 3,20m, 100 persons (theatre), 60 persons (classroom), 35 persons (U shape), 80 persons (banquet) and 150 persons (cocktail).

Aristoteles: 35m2, height 2,75m, 30 persons (theatre), 20 persons (classroom), 15 persons (U shape), 30 persons (banquet) 40 persons (cocktail).

Alexandros: 130m2, height 3,20m, 100 persons (theatre), 70 persons (classroom), 40 persons (U shape), 120 persons (banquet) 200 persons (cocktail).


Our technical equipment provides:

  • Power / Light Facilities
  • 300 KW Maximum Power
  • Wall & Ceiling Lighting
  • Dimmer Light Switches

Public Address System

  • Mobile & Fixed
  • Table Microphones
  • Stand Microphones
  • Radio Microphones
  • Teleconference System