Excellent facilities, multiple capabilities

The excellent, modern facilities for conferences of the GHotels hotels in Halkidiki are able to fully meet the most demanding business events. The four star hotels Athos Palace, Pallini Beach and Simantro Beach have unique facilities that can host any kind of event, while we also offer the ability of committing parallel conferences with gala dinners, coffee breaks and nights of entertainment.


The four stars Athos Palace hotel in Halkidiki has an exhibition area of more than 1000 square meters and can meet any kind of conference challenge. The main hall of the hotel is called «Empress Theodora» and can host more than 1000 guests. It has the most modern audiovisual equipment and can be divided into two parts, thus providing the possibility of hosting large or small conferences or other important events. The foyer of the main conference venue offers three additional meeting halls, which can be used as secretarial offices or utility rooms.

The Byzantine bar, exactly outside the conference centre is an ideal area for breaks in between conferences.

The «Athinais» hall and the other meeting halls of versatile features can very flexibly be used individually or in combination with the “Empress Theodora” hall.


In the four stars Pallini Beach hotel, you can organise conferences, workshops, meetings, and gala dinners, with coffee breaks and / or full evening entertainment with guaranteed successful results. You should promptly inform our specialised staff about any special equipment that you might need for the event that you will be organising and we will immediately assist you.

Conference halls
Telemachus I: 310 square meters, height 3,20 meters, 220 people (theatre), 120 people (hall), 45 people (U shape), 200 people (meal), 300 people (cocktail).
Telemachus II: 115 square meters, height 3,20 meters, 100 people (theatre), 60 people (hall), 35 people (U shape), 80 people (meal), 150 people (cocktail).
Aristoteles: 35 square meters, height 2,75 meters, 30 people (theatre), 20 people (hall), 15 people (U shape), 30 people (meal), 40 people (cocktail).
Alexandros: 130 square meters, height 3,20 meters, 100 people (theatre), 70 people (hall), 40 people (U shape), 120 people (meal), 200 people (cocktail).


The Simantro Beach Hotel is famous for high quality conferences in Halkidiki. It has 9 versatile meeting halls and seminar halls, which can hold any event. It has an exhibition area of over 1,000 square meters that can host banquets for over 900 people. In the intervals of the events, your guests can relax with a stroll in the beautiful hotel’s gardens; have a drink at one of the bars or a dip into the sea or into any of the complex’s five swimming pools.

Dionysus                  400       300     300     45
Eugenia                     250
Work Shop 1               40          30       50     20
Work Shop 2 – 3        15             15       10     10
Work Shop 4               25           20       15     30
Work Shop 5 – 6        70            50      50     30
Work Shop 7               27             22      22      17


  • Light and power on the premises
  • Maximum power 300 KW
  • Wall and ceiling lights
  • Dimmer light switches in the room
  • Microphone installations
  • Mobile and fixed
  • Desktop microphones
  • Microphones for speeches
  • Radio-microphones
  • Video conference system

Audiovisual equipment

  • Ceiling projectors
  • Presentation projectors
  • Control room
  • Fax & Modems
  • Photocopy machines
  • Audio and video recording systems
  • Telephones with ADSL lines
  • Internet connection
  • Technical support

Conference equipment

  • Stage
  • DVD player
  • Flip chart
  • Portable screens
  • Portable audio system
  • Portable computer (laptop)
  • Television