Environmental Policy

Modern hospitality services with environmental awareness

Our overriding concern in the hotels of the GHotels Group is not only to offer the guests a high level of services in line with the highest international hospitality standards but at the same time to conform fully with what we consider to be unbreakable rules for the protection and respect of the environment.

With this philosophy we created hotel complexes which respect the environment that hosts them, while at the same time we have adopted modern practices for environmental protection concerning energy saving, the efficient use of water resources, recycling of materials and the application of rules for organic agriculture in growing our produce. What’s more, the GHotels chain invests resources in the research and development of technologies for the protection and improvement of the environment, the ecology and in general the quality of life and uses certified protocols and targeted actions and practices within the framework of an up to date environmental awareness policy.THE

Traditional growing of fruit and vegetables

For more than 30 years, with great pride, high environmental awareness and traditional growing methods friendly to the environment we produce agricultural products of high quality and nutritional value on a private land of 150,000 m2 near our hotel facilities in Halkidiki.

With total respect to the protection of the natural environment and the health of our guests and our staff we grow fruit and vegetables the traditional way which our chefs use daily in the dishes of our restaurants. Produce of the day, freshly cut vegetables, fruit and herbs are the base of the Mediterranean diet and the dishes prepared by the prizewinning chefs of the GHotels Group.

Our gardens, open to visits with weekly organised tours, offer vegetables like tomatoes, lettuces, rocket, a variety of capsicums, broccoli, beetroot and eggplants, that give a special flavour and aroma in our dishes and are the basis of the delicious and nutritious salads we prepare for our guests, creating a healthy and delightful menu. Straight from the garden, fruits like apples, pears, peaches, nectarines and grapes are the best way to complete breakfast or a healthy dessert and the most delicious base for homemade jams which we prepare especially for our guests.

Actions for environmental protection

  • We restricted the use of plastic in packaging and we promote the use of glass.
  • We reduced the consumption of paper in the offices, the kitchen and the restaurants and we have implemented programmes for recycling and reusing of paper.
  • We recycle aluminium, copper and iron.
  • We collect and recycle used batteries.
  • We use energy saving lamps.
  • We use liquid gas in our catering and heating apparatus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • We collect cooking oils and fats and we send them to be converted to bio fuel.
  • After complete biological cleaning we reuse waste water for irrigating our gardens.
  • We use environmentally friendly detergents for washing clothes and linen.